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Carbon Claw


Carbon Claw is a leading brand in the boxing and martial arts market and designed products from the 1970s. With having nearly 50 years of experience in the industry, it is no surprise that the brand's reputation and reviews are outstanding. The Carbon Claw catalogue of products has diversified over the years, and with each year, the brand has brought more up to date, eye-catching, user-friendly training equipment. The brand has a wealth of products available to the market, namely boxing gloves, kick and shin pads, punch bags, head guards, accessories and clothing.


Carbon Claw Boxing Gloves


Carbon Claw Boxing Gloves come in various colours and styles, and the brand caters for boxing and Muay Thai sports. Whether you are a novice or a professional, Carbon Claw has a suitable glove for you, whether it be the Carbon Claw Punching Mitt or Sparring gloves should you be a boxer or Thai boxer, but should you train in MMA (Mixed Martial Art), then the grappling glove would be the suitable product for yourself.


Carbon Claw Punch Bags


Carbon Claw punch bags come in a range of weights and sizes. The punch bags are filled with unused cloth, and we recommend that the punch bags are hung using the carbon claw 4 or 6 nylon webbed straps. The punch bags designed by Carbon Claw are a fantastic tool that boxers can use to improve technique, power and endurance.