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Blitz Adult Ninja Suit - Black
Angie Gayle (avacadopunk)

Perfect fit for teenager into cos play, good quality, arrived promptly


Stylish and very durable. Great product overall

Love these Thai pads

Great product nice and light!! Great padded support!! Comfortable fit

Twins Black-Silver Muaythai Shorts

Best shinguards for mma

I’ve used several different shin guards and these are by far my favorite. They are very light and compact. They don’t slip around at all. The sleek profile manes training in them much easier. The only slight drawback is that they don’t have quite a much protection as other shin guards, but it’s a fair trade off for how light they are.

Fumetsu Ghost BJJ Gi - White
Christopher Harrison
Fumetsu Ghost BJJ GI

The best GI I have, light bust a good solid robust GI

Twins Long Focus Mitts - Red Black

Order not received

Today was the day that I was supposed to get my order and I have not received it.. can someone please send me tracking details. Thank you

Blitz Sports Elasticated Hand Wraps 180" Long
Ashleigh Lonsdale (ashlonsdale)
Exactly what I needed!

Perfect wraps, I LOVE the pink and yellow ones, they’re good quality and also wash well!

Adidas Box Hog Boxing Boots - Black White
Samantha Williams (williams_122)
Great price for a quality item

Bought these for my 13yo son but as a growing boy I didn’t want to spend excessively when I know he will only grow out of them quickly. But he needs quality equipment. These were a great price, he said they are comfy and fit perfectly. I will definitely look to your store for his next pair!

Brilliant quality

I ordered this for my daughter and it arrived within a couple of days and fit perfectly. It is really food quality and washes really well.

Tatami Recharge Rash Guard - Camo
Kinga Pasturczak (pumka1982)

Tatami Recharge Rash Guard - Camo

Namman Muay Thai Oil - 450cc
Victoria Martin (victmar_374)
Quick delivery

Quick service

Nice training gear!

I like it so much, our boxing gym all use this.

Adidas Box Hog Boxing Boots - Black White
Gergo Zagony (zagonygergo)
Excellent boxing boots

No need to spend a fortune, these boots are comfortable , durable and good looking. Recommended

Competition vest

Very happy great quality and good price

Namman MUAY 100g Thai Cream
Jean Valerie Cowan (jvc0146)

Having tried a few elixirs from Voltarol to deep heat and anything in between A dear friend mentioned this , I was suffering with an acute lower back pain and having had a hot bath I rubbed in a good quality of Muay cream the first half hour was amazing and after that the hellish pain was reduced , in the morning I felt that I had no symptoms of any lower back pain. I do recommend this product over everything else I have tried , the quality is important and I can verify that if you have muscular aches then this is the way to go. Muay you are to be commended on a exceptional product. NB after applying please wash hands and keep away from face when using welll worth giving it a go as there’s nothing available that can compare.

Quality for the price

Good s**t

Tatami kimono

Great quality product and design at very low price!

Namman MUAY 100g Thai Cream
Elizabeth Stott (elizst6741)

Great stuff. Like deep heat but without the smell. Very soothing. Recommended.

Namman MUAY 100g Thai Cream
Martin Whitney (3450whitney)
Very good product

This cream was recommended to me by a friend that had the same knee pain as myself and so far it has helped quite a bit with my stiff knees it is a bit strong smelling but you feel heat in your knees instantly I would recommend this product.

Tatami Mat Rat Rash Guard
Jack Hargreaves
Mat rat

Comfortable and funny definitely gets some looks and compliments and others asking where to buy a tad short in the sleeve though

Namman MUAY 100g Thai Cream
J Beavis (beavi-4)

Namman MUAY 100g Thai Cream

Namman Muay Thai Oil - 450cc
Syful Ismail (s5yfl82)
Namman Oil

Brilliant product before sparring. Great service. Fast delivery.

Good stuff!!!

This hand wrap is really soft and comfortable, the length is 4.5 metre, which protect me very well. Also I love the colour very much!!!