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Muay Thai Belly Pads


Belly pads are used in Muay Thai and MMA gyms throughout the world; they offer excellent protection to the body when incorporating boxing and kicking techniques. Many of the belly pads also have side targets.Fight co also has various coach bodyguards available, and these offer the trainer added protection to the body and chest. It has a Great fit and versatility and also provides excellent protection.


Please choose from our great selection of Belly Pads! Fight Co is a simple one-stop shop for all of your training pad needs. They are built to withstand the daily punishment in Bangkok’s top gyms. The ultimate Muay Thai belly pad is 100% hand-crafted in Thailand.

The best value belly pad is the MTG pro belly pad, and the retail price of this is only £54.95. The Fairtex belly pads are also top-rated, and they are also available in a lightweight design.