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Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment for Boxing & Martial Arts

For combat sports like Muay Thai, MMA and Boxing, Fight Co understand the necessity for all participants to stay well protected. This is why we supply specially designed safety equipment for all budgets to minimise the chance of injury for every fighter in every sport.

We have a selection of shin, groin and elbow guards for you to choose from. Our safety wear varies in style depending upon the martial art. For example, our MMA shin guards are more lightweight to allow for groundwork, and our Thai shin guards are thicker and offer more protection. All Fight Co guards come in a range of different colours and designs.

Training Equipment for Mixed Martial Arts Fighting

When training in combat sports with many direct contacts, you must have the correct protective equipment to ensure you do not cause yourself injury when preparing or in competitions. Protective equipment includes shin guards, head guards and groin guards, all of which are designed and engineered to ensure the user is kept safe and limit any damage.

When sourcing the correct protective equipment, it is essential to research and get guidance from your retailer to ensure that you purchase the right items for your needs and, most importantly, have the correct fit. Fight Co have a wealth of knowledge and advice they can offer you to ensure you purchase the right items for your needs. Not only have Fight Co stocked and supplied martial arts equipment and protection equipment for over eight years, but they also give feedback and criticism of leading brands to maximise the brands potential and design products fit for the use