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    May 12, 2022 6 min read

    Fight Co Guide on Muay Thai Tattoos

    Muay Thai tattoos are a popular choice for fighters and enthusiasts of the sport. They can be used to commemorate a big win, represent something meaningful to you, or simply show your passion for the sport. Whatever your reason for getting one, these tattoos are sure to stand out and look great. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best Muay Thai tattoos out there, as well as provide some ideas on how you can create your own unique design. Let's get started!

    What are Muay Thai tattoos and what do they represent?

    Thai tattoos, or Sak Yant Tattoos, are a unique form of tattooing native to Thailand. Unlike Western-style tattoos, Thai tattoos are hand-poked into the skin using a bamboo stick. Sak Yant tattoos are often associated with Thai boxing or Muay Thai, and they are believed to confer special powers on the wearer. Common designs include animals, religious imagery, and mystical symbols. The meanings of these tattoos can vary depending on the design, but they often represent strength, power, and protection. For many Thais, Sak Yant tattoos are more than just works of art – they are a deeply spiritual experience.

    Sak Yant tattoos have been gaining popularity in the West in recent years, as more people become interested in Thai culture and Muay Thai boxing. However, it is important to remember that these tattoos have a deep meaning for Thais and should be treated with respect. If you are considering getting a Sak Yant tattoo, be sure to do your research and choose a design that has personal significance for you.

    Muay Thai Tattoos


    How did Muay Thai tattoos originate and spread throughout the world?

    Sak Yant tattoos are traditionally hand-etched BuddhistGeometric designs that are said to bestow magical powers upon the wearer. These tattoos are incredibly popular in Thailand, particularly among Muay Thai fighters.

    It is believed that the origins of Sak Yant date back to the 12th century when a famous Buddhist monk named Kruba Krissana tattooed a Tiger on a warrior in order to give him strength in battle.

    The tradition eventually spread throughout the world, and Muay Thai fighters began adorning their bodies with these sacred tattoos as a way to pay homage to their religion and seek protection from harm. While Sak Yant tattoos are often associated with Muay Thai fighters, they are also becoming increasingly popular with Westerners who are drawn to their mystical beauty.

    The reason for the worldwide adoption of Sak Yant tattoos can be traced back to their unique history and meaning. Unlike Western tattoos, which are often seen as an act of rebellion, Thai tattoos are deeply rooted in spirituality and tradition. For many Thais, these tattoos are a way to connect with their ancestors and seek protection from harm.

    Westerners now love  Muay Thai tattoos because they are seen as a cool and unique way to express oneself. If you are considering getting a Sak Yant tattoo, be sure to do your research and choose a design that has personal significance for you.

    Muay Thai tattoos are the perfect way to show your passion for the sport of Muay Thai. Whether you want to commemorate a big win, pay tribute to your Thai heritage, or simply show off your badassery, these tattoos are sure to do the trick.

    The most popular designs and symbols associated with Muay Thai tattoos?

    Hah Taew (5 Sacred Lines)

    It wasn't until Angelina Jolie donned this holy tattoo that Muay Thai warriors throughout the world began to paint their flesh with the Hah Taew. Many different interpretations may be ascribed to these sentences, and they are revered by traditional combatants.

    The first row/line to ward off evil spirits, the second row against bad luck, and the third row to protect from spells and black magic are 4th row for energy and good fortune, and the 5th row as charisma or as a booster to the 4th line.

    Gao Yord (Buddha Peaks)

    Gao Yord aka Buddha Peaks, another popular tattoo made popular by celebrities like Cara Delevingne, can often be found on the back of the neck or just above the spine of Muay Thai fighters. One of the most significant Sak Yant tattoos, it offers the wearer broad prowess and protection from Mount Meru and the powerful Buddhas of the Nine Realms.

    Design as a whole is intended to protect the user from harm while also increasing their power and control in battle, as well as attracting good fortune, charm, and acts of kindness from those they encounter. Those who commit themselves to the practice of reciting spells using the Gao Yord, according to mythology, are said to be granted invincible.

    Paed Tidt (8 Directional Yant)

    One more holy tattoo is the Paed Tidt or Eight Direction, which is composed of geometric patterns with symbolic meanings concealed inside each one of the symbols. It invokes the protection of the Buddhas at all times and in all places. Wearing it is said to bring good fortune if you sing appropriate mantras, according to local belief. Besides providing protection, this tattoo is said to assist Muay Thai newbies to fight off any bad vibes that could interfere with their ability to train.


    As well to traditional Sak Yant Tattoos, many Muay Thai fighters tattoo images of Hindu deities like Hanuman, Garuda, and Ganesha on their body.

    Hanuman. The Monkey God is a well-known tattoo symbolizing power, agility, sagacity, and endurance. Fighters in Muay Boran, for example, adopted a Hanuman fighting style that included monkey-like motions as an attacking strategy. Muay Thai devotees may display their dedication to the sport by getting a Hanuman tattoo.

    Garuda. Another important Hindu god is the Bird King. Muay Thai fighters may use this technique to fly and destroy their foes with agility and power. According to local beliefs in Indonesia and Thailand, wearing Garuda on your skin and chanting for it will help you ward off black magic, curses, and other evils.

    Ganesha. Asians revere the Hindu deity with an elephant's head and a potbelly. When it comes to fighting, this tattoo design is a common one. This pattern may be depicted in a multitude of ways using modern tattooing techniques.

    How should you take care of your new Muay Thai tattoo to ensure it lasts a lifetime?

    1) Apply a thin layer of ointment or cream to the tattoo 3-4 times a day, some great ointments are natural and are great for sensitive skin.

    2) Avoid swimming in pools or bodies of water, and avoid direct sunlight this will  help the tattoo heal quickly and prevent infection

    3) If the tattoo starts to peel or scab, do not pick at it - let it heal on its own. By doing this, you will avoid scarring or damaging the tattoo.

    The Dangers of Sak Yant

    Keep the risks of getting a Sak Yant tattoo in mind if you're travelling to Thailand to practise Muay Thai and intend to get one there. Fake Sak Yant tattoos may be seen as an insult to those who are not trained in the art of tattooing.

    The ink and the tattoo artist will not be able to bless your Sak Yant and it will be ineffective. Some individuals have been jailed for misrepresenting these symbols, prompting Thailand's culture minister to scare visitors with a ban on religious tattoos entirely.

    If you want to preserve the tattoo's power in your body, you must follow a set of guidelines. As Cummings explains, "the designs may lose their abilities if a wearer errs from their spiritual path," which is a part of the Buddhist moral code.

    Some of the rules include not killing anyone, not eating certain foods, not stealing from anyone, not indulging in alcohol or drugs, and not engaging in sexual intercourse that isn't considered proper. Those are just a few examples. People who practice excellent conduct have tattoos that are stronger as a result of their dedication to dharma (righteousness).

    Muay Thai Tradition

    The Ink

    Many people don't realize that traditional Thai tattoos have extra chemicals added to the ink in order to make it magical. Different recipes include a variety of components, from charcoal to herbs to even snake venom, according to research.

    Tattoo anthropologist Lars Krutak claims to have seen Ajarns use "elephant galls, tiger galls, bear galls, and python venom or corpse chin fat" in addition to sandalwood steeped in herbs. These chemicals, according to him, enhance the tattoo's ability to protect the recipient.


    If you are interested in Muay Thai, or know someone who is, a tattoo related to the sport can be a great way to show your dedication and support. There are many different designs that can be used to represent Muay Thai, so take your time in finding the perfect one for you. As with any type of tattoo, make sure you do your research before getting inked and go to a reputable artist who will help you create a design that is both unique and meaningful.

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