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Elevation Training Mask


Like to try new training methods to see what gains the best results? Our Elevation Training Mask 3.0 will push boundaries like never before. Dr Rick Kattouf, the fitness expert, states that the mask will "challenge you both physically and mentally."

The Training Mask attempts to simulate high altitude training via air resistance.


Altitude Masks


The high altitude training mask is designed to hold firmly in place not to have any problems whilst moving about. It is available in three sizes-small, medium and large, and is made out of neoprene skin, which means it can mould your face and create an air-tight seal. The material used also allows the mask to remain durable and washable.

The air resistance valves will strengthen your diaphragm by adjusting the masks resistance valves to simulate different altitudes. Altitude levels can be adjusted depending upon your preference and are guaranteed to produce results.


The mask forces all respiratory muscles to work harder so it can help strengthen them. Training with the mask can eventually increase your aerobic endurance when competing or training without the mask. With stronger respiratory muscles, you should breathe profoundly easier and for a longer time than without such training.


The training mask mimics the effects of high altitude training. When elite athletes want to improve their performance, they go to levels of high altitude to train. When they come back to sea level, they perform much stronger and faster.