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Thai Oil


Thai oil is a must have when training in Muay Thai, the Thai oil is used to warm up the muscles before training and to help with muscle soreness. Thai oil has a very distinct smell thats witnessed upon walking through the doors to most Muay Thai gyms. The Thai oil is available in 2 x bottle sizes, 120cc and 450cc. This great product is also available in a cream tube. Both options available online at Fight Co.

Namman Muay Thai Oil


Namman Muay originated from Thailand in 1960 and was used by Muay Thai fighters before and during training and matches. Applying and rubbing the muscles with Namman oil and cream has confirmed fantastic results and is the only kind of balm in Thailand to possess such unique characteristics.


Immediate Benefits of Namman Muay: Elimination of pain and stiffness Increases alertness Increases energy Prepares the body for extreme activity and helps prevent injury.


Product Reviews The brand has received outstanding reviews by fellow martial artists and was described as a "lifesaver". Users of the Namman Muay Thai oil and cream have classed it as the number one piece of equipment for all Boxing, MMA, Weightlifting and Muay Thai training, whether it is used for warm-ups, post-workouts, or before and after matches; so if you are fighting or training and want to prevent injury, Namman oils and cream are highly recommended to help your body stay on top form.