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Medicine balls


Medicine balls are the spoons full of sugar that make all the struggles and sweat from training go down. The aches and pains will become a distant memory when you reap the benefits of exercise with a medicine ball, as it will help you excel in sports, lose weight and improve your general fitness.


Rediscover this timeless training method used by athletes and fitness experts everywhere. In this age of high tech equipment, the medicine ball is simplistic yet incredibly effective in training the whole body through a complete range of motion. Joint integrity is the other vital benefit of Medicine Ball training.


One of the most versatile workout tools around is medicine balls. The modern medicine ball is, by and large, a 'live' ball, which means that it bounces. One-piece moulded rubber. Easy to handle and perfect for indoor and outdoor training. Medicine ball workouts are traditional martial arts strength and conditioning routines.


Whether you are looking for a medicine ball 5kg or a 10kg medicine ball, Fight co supply a range of weights for varying abilities and needs. They are double-handed and are made of a rubber textured surface. They can be used during several exercised depending upon the areas being targeted.